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Still trying to get a/c compressor to engage and still 1 KLIMA question

My car is a 1988 300SE and, oh, how I wish my first problem could be fixed!

The problem is still the same, the a/c compressor will not engage. I pulled the KLIMA relay and jumped #5&7 and it engaged. I took the relay carefully apart and cleaned it well with a circuit board cleaner and then hit it with compressed air. I checked the solder joints and all looked OK. I put it back in the car, started it up and still no engagement of the a/c compressor.

I did notice that on the KLIMA relay has one male rod labeled "T" and it goes into hole #12 on the board or whatever you call what the KLIMA relay plugs into. I noticed that hole #6 in my board has nothing for the rod on the relay to connect to, it's simply an empty hole. Can anyone tell me if there is supposed to be a female connection in hole #12?

I have looked allover the place around the "board" and I cant see any wire that could have slipped out. In fact, I can't even find a way for a wire to have slippe dout in the first place.

So, can any say if there is supposed to be a connection in hole #12?

Also, is there any other way for me to determine if the problem really is the relay. I really can't afford to spend over $350 to change the relay only to find that's not the problem.

The belt is tight and I can't turn the alternator by hand (someone posted this is a simple approximate test to see if the belt is too loose). Also, my wife used the a/c twice in the past week and it was fine, now suddenly nothing.


Ron B.
Ron Brooks
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