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Instument Cluster Problem on 1994 C280

I have a 1994 C280 and about 7 months ago, the gas gage has stopped going up immediatly when the car is started. The engine temp gage is the same wasy in cold weather and sometimes in normal weather too. As I drive, they both eventually kick in but latly, on the engine temp has been going up and the gas gauge stays at the bottom. I took apart the dash board and nothing was loose. Any suggetions? If you want, ill take pictures tomorrow. Thanks.
P.S. Everything else on the cluster is perfect.. (except for that dreaded check engine light, I hate it with a passion and I have only been driving for a year and a half. I swear it comes on just because after every 2 weeks it misses the MB shop.) But I've learned to deal with that...... (took out the light bulb (-: )
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