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Post Update....

Well a more than a week has passed and I have swapped out numerous components on my 16vlv. I started by replacing all of the units including the accumulator, fuel pump & filter. I thought that this remedied my problem. However, I was still experiencing severe hesitation. At this point I decided that I would do a complete tune up. To include, sparks plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor. While in there I decided that I would swap out the EHA b/c I still felt it was a fuel delivery problem. Nothing again

I still am experiencing that same "surge" on deaccelaertion and in the 4k - 6k range on the Tachometer while accelerating. It puzzles me and I am wondering if it is now the poteniometer housed in the air flow meter. On start-up this morning I cranked it once and the engine settled into a high rev around 2200rpm. I tapped the gas and it fell back to around 900. This is second time in two days that I have seen this occur on start up?

Is there any way to test the poteniometer on the air flow meter? If I Ohm out the #1 & #3 pins on the side of the airflow and slowly push the "plunger" down, should there be a steady decrease/increase?
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