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In regards to squeaking wheel well, once again Benzmac, you are bulls eye. Took it to the shop and sure enough it was the ball joint, thats the second time you saved my money, I feel almost guilty.

Just a warning for you guys. I see a lot of griping about mercedes service prices, but Midas wanted 160.00 to replace the ball joint with an aftermarket part. The dealership wanted 145.00 including a mercedes part! Needless to say I am going with mercedes.

Anyway, my question is they said that the ball joint was dry and rusty, thats why it made noise, but that it was perfectly safe to drive. Is there any way to lubricate this? I know it is a sealed unit, but I hate to waste 145.00 if I dont have to (part was only 36.00 though). Other question is can I do this myself? I have worked on cars before, but dont know if these have to be pressed in.


1987 300E

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