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Stephenson: My tach has been working fine all along. That's the one thing that has made me think the problem is somewhere else. I will check out Beckmann Technologies if I need the relay. Do they have a website by any chance?

Piotr: I am assuming the system is fine poundage wise as I had it checked and filled the day after I bought it. I'll have it checked again this week.

davidmash: I'll pull off the connectors at the compressor. I doubt this is my problem as if I jump the board connection 5&7 the compressor does engage. My problem seems to be something stopping the signal form getting to the compressor.

RSH: I have to ask. You said the 105/115 temp switch is near the coolant temp switch. Where is the coolant temp switch?

RPM55: Thank you for your reply. At least now I can rest assured that I don't have a missing wire.

Thank you all for your time on this problem. I'm only glad summer is over. But it was very humid this AM and I would have loved to have the use of my a/c. I start with checking out the 105/115 switch (once I find it), then clean the relay contacts well. I'll have the system pressure checked. If all that fails and the connections to the compressor are good, I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and buy a KLIMA.

I'll keep my fingers crossed. If anyone can tell me where the 105/115 switch is or even where the coolant temp switch is it would be greatly appreciated.
Ron Brooks
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