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Question Post tune-up erratic idle - 300E

Hey guys -

I need your advice/help. I recently did some minor tune up work on my engine following a long summer of driving. I replaced the distributor cap (with original Mercedes part), the rotor (with Bosch) and the spark plugs (with German-made Bosch H9DC). I started the car up after replacing the parts and it now idles a bit more roughly...weird. The roughness in the idle is more prominent when the car is in "Park" and occurs once the car has warmed to operating temp. When the car is idling and in gear, the roughness is much less. It sounds like the engine is "stumbling" when in park.

Any ideas why this would happen? I installed the parts very carefully and didn't notice anything out of place. I was careful removing the spark plug leads as well.

This is driving me nuts as it ran better before I tuned it up!! Argh!

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