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Leon Hernandez
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Unhappy Real frstrating problem is cleaning out my wallet better then B-12 Chemtool

94'C280 just went through the process of replacing the combo relay and switch due to wiper and turn signal working only when in the mood. 250+ bucks later and only three weeks later I now get a check engine light last night. So two days into this and while driving back form the mall turn signal and intermittent wipers both decide not to work.

Sigh, I'm not a long term MB fan and am learning but when I drive a cheap Mazda 626 for over 7 years with yadi-yadi many others with few minor electrical mech. problems it very frustrating to have a car that is turning into a problem child and cleaning out my wallet out at the same time. Yeah I'm also a type A guy; a 'driver' and get very impatient when these type of issues just keep cropping up. I'd like to enjoy my retirement and not have to spend it as a hobby on repairs.

OK I'm better now..........any ideas? besides the obvious like take it to my tech and let him 'figure it out'?

IF you got this far...thanks...if you got any ideas....hey thanks a lot!
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