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Hi. I posted a similar topic a few weeks ago, when my 89 300e driver side headlight would dim every once in a while and would be fixed simply by tapping the lens. Well, following your advice i did find out that the bulb plug housings were starting to melt and i had them replaced. (9004 connectors) however, the problem now is that when i turn on my high beams or the fog lights, the headlight dims to a very faint yellowish color. and even when i turn off the headlights and turn them on again, they are still about 50% weaker than the normal, problem free passenger side light. I've checked all the fuses and they are fine, and the connectors are brand new and show no signs of melting. I am running US-spec 9004 lights 45/65w. I have hit up the headlight in a previous accident but the problem as only arisen recently. Please help..Thanks..

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