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Electrical diagnosis needed.

The other day went to start and nothing, dead. Sheesh, opened the trunk and to my surprise the negative cable has worked it's way loose. I re-attached, cranks right up, no prob.

This a.m., I'm driving to work, and the thing quits (right in the middle of traffic),I pull over turn the key and it's starts back up again, no prob. Check the battery cable, tight as can be.

86 560sl, only had it a few weeks, high mileage, but great condition. It almost has to be in that cable I'm thinking but it appears to be in perfect shape, not loose, nearly new battery.

Any way to do an intermiitent diagnosis? I can't remember if all the electrics went or not, doesn't seem like the radio went off but it all happened pretty quickly.


J. Boggs
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