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Dear God, is there a way to determine if this problem is the Klima or not?

The problem is the same, the a/c compressor will not engage. I checked the connections at the compressor, cleaned and reinstalled. I removed the Klima and cleaned it with circuit board cleaner. I also cleaned the contacts of the relay. Reinstalled and NOTHING. The I carefulle wedged a very thin piece of nonconducting washer to hold the relay closed. VIOLA! The compressor engages and a/c works. Remove the washer and the relay contacts open and won't engage so the compressor will not engage.

So, it seems my problem is either the relay is bad or something is keeping the relay from closing and making a circuit.

Someone on the list suggested removing the wires to the 105/115 temp sensor incase it's gone bad and believes the car is too hot so the compressor won't engage. It's supposed to be somewhere near the top water hose. I looked aroung the top water hose and all near that housing that looks like the old thermostat housings (heck, it might be the thermostat housing for all I know) but I could not find a single wire anywhere!

If someone can tell me what the sensor looks like and more precisely where it is, I might be able to find it. If not, I'm going to have to buy a new Klima. I'd hate to do that because I have a feeling it won't make any difference. And man would that suck to be out $350+ and still no solution.

Thanks all,

Ron Brooks
Ron Brooks
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