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Unhappy Need a diagnosis

I've written in about problems with the fuel injection system on my 87 560 SL with mixed results. Here's a symptom that give someone a clue as to what's wrong. The car seems to run okay, but starts hard hot or cold, and gets very poor gas mileage. If I play with the mixture adjustment, it will vary the idle speed considerably. When I lean it out to where it idles correctly, it won't start at all. If I can live with a high idle, it will start, but still cranks too much and uses too much gas. Some of the suggestions I've received to date include the fuel accumulator, pressure regulator, and taking it to the dealer (ugh!). Its my understanding that adjusting the mixture should have no impact on the idle speed, since the system is self-compensating.

If anyone has experienced a similar problem, or has any ideas (other than going to my local dealer, the thief), they would be greatly appreciated. $ 100 to the person that nails it!
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