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Originally Posted by BodhiBenz1987
To be honest I have a hard time imaging the tracking would be that affected by the tires, even though now both my indy and this dealer adviser have said that.

From GSXR:
With used tires, definitely. With new tires, very unlikely, but possible. I've had used tires cause problems before, but never new ones. (I usually just have balance / wobble issues with new tires, lol!)

I had a brand new set of tires with a bad belt in one that caused handling concerns on a FWD car. The retailer blamed the car, the local Firestone shop diagnosed the bad tire as a "radial pull" caused by a broken/misaligned belt. Armed with that info the retailer simply provided me a brand new tire. Problem solved.

Good discussion of what to check for when swapping tires here:
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