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Before you go to the trouble of finding a GSP9700, ensure that your wheels were balanced with weights inboard AND outboard. 95% or more complaints such as yours are due to no or incorrect wheel balance, but do not require the 9700.

What they do require is most any computer wheel balancer, an operator with an IQ above 70, and the willingness to use balance weights on the inboard AND outboard plane. The problem is that too many tire stores don't use weights on the outer plane of alloy wheels because they are afraid of scratching the wheels.

This will balance the wheel statically and prevent it from jumping up and down. With modern suspension this is not enough, Dynamic imbalance causes the wheel to wobble which is transmitted through these nimble suspension systems.

If after a PROPER DYNAMIC two plane balance, you are so unlucky that you still have a vibration, you probably have bad tires or wheels. THEN it is time to seek out a 9700. You can do this by simply going to: Enter your zip code and you will find the ones that are in your area.

Best of luck,
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