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Bearing failure on spindle due to lost bearing grease-how do I repair? 85 300D

I am seeking advice on how to remove whats left of the inner bearing which is really stuck on the spindle,

I experienced bearing failure due to loss of grease this past weekend. The bearing cap must have had a crack in it. The inner bearing looks like its welded to the spindle. In the last stages of failure, I drove the car without realizing bearing failure occurred and luckily the nut and the inner bearing prevented the tire from falling off.

I have got the disk rotor and brake caliper off. I havent been able to hammer the inner bearing off the end of the spindle. Is it literally welded to the spindle, or should I be able to hammer it off/ or even grind it off? This bearing probably took quite a beating towards the end of the failure.

Assuming i do get it off, should the spindle still be useable?
The car is blocking my driveway and I am awaiting the delivery of an engine and I cant move the car.

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