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Originally Posted by gsxr View Post
Cool, BFG's are decent, I wouldn't expect any weirdness from them. Size should be irrelevant (for this issue) but hopefully they're stock 195/65 or maybe 205/60, assuming you have stock wheels.

Did you set wheel bearing end play with a dial indicator? The MB spec is stupidy tight (0.01-0.02 mm) and a bit of a nuisance to check / adjust. Just curious, how old (or how many miles, approx) are on the front steering pieces (tie rod, drag link, idler arm)?
The tires are 195/65, that's what I thought but I had to doublecheck. For the most part they've been fine ... quiet, good traction, good around corners. I did swap them yesterday but only had a chance to drive a little ... I didn't notice any wandering but I'm considering it inconclusive until i have a chance to drive it on the highway a little more.
The wheel bearings I replaced 4,000 miles ago and set the play with a dial indicator to spec. Then I checked it obsessive-compulsively over and over. I even did a recheck after a couple hundred miles.
As for the other parts: Tie rods have about 27,000 miles on them, OE. Drag link has less than 3,000. Steering damper about 8,200. Idler arm bushings 8,300. All OE. The only thing that looks questionable are the LCA bushings, which have about 80,000 miles on them. They don't look alarmingly bad, but I see some cracks starting in the ones at the front of the wishbone.
Geez, looking back at my records, I sure have done a lot in the past year! But at least solved a lot ... no vibrations, no shooting sideways in the rear, no awful clunks and squeaks.
Yak, I'll check out that tire site, looks like very helpful stuff, thanks!
Army, forgive my ignorance, but is friction allowance the same as the steering play? If not, how can I check it? I will say I don't get the sense from the wheel that there's a play problem ... i.e., it's ultra responsive to my input at the wheel. But I guess there could still be play in the box?
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