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To answer questions /comments as they appeared:

1. The WOT reading is supposed to be 7 - 9mA I see 2Ma WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING. Isn't 2mA the lean direction from the 8mA nominal? ( I assume that from seeing the current rise with counterclockwise adjustment of the mixture adjustment screw. ) Is this lack of correct response a sensor (input) problem, or controller ( output) issue? If I don't see any increase in current for fairly large movements of the throttle, is the computer ignoring the potentimeter, or is this likely a potentiometer problem? Is it a proportional response: that is, small movements yield small increases, and larger movements yield larger responses?

2. As noted in original inquiry, the pump has at least 150% of service minimum volumes. System pressures stay in range from idle through any throttle positions, and control SEEMS to float as adjusted by EHA.

3. I did the resistance tests of the coil, but do not have tools for max output. I'll check with a local shop, since my ancient SunScope is not doing any oscillating these days.

4. Is there anything like a logic diagram for the CIS controller? I have verified. both at the switch and at the controller connector that the WOT switch is working, so what else is in the loop at WOT: temp sensor, potentiometer, baro-sensor? Of these, only the potentiometer is showing "above limits" values. Should it be replaced?
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