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Diverter pod

The purpose of the diverter unit is to allow two different streams of air into the car. The primary stream will be heated and/or cooled and then vented through the side/floor and defrost vents. The second stream of air, which is uncooled and/or unheated comes out the center vent.

In essence this allows the car to have both processed air and fresh air at the same time.

However, the center vent will sometimes vent fresh air and sometimes vent heated and/or cooled air. It's pretty easy when it is 50 F outside to tell my unit to heat with the resultant warm air out my side and floor and at the same time have fresh, unheated air come out the middle.

On the w124, at least pre-passenger air-bag, the dash removal and pod replacement is surprisingly easy.

I'm still trying to find where the system draws in the recirculated air from the interior.
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