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On a '73 450SL, the engine runs
rough, and will improve slightly if
you push down on the distributor
with engine running. It's all
original points and stuff.

Question is, does it make sense to
"upgrade" a 1973 ignition to the
popular new electronic coil &
"computer" boxes on the aftermarket?

Are the claims for 10X hotter spark
and stuff true?

just solved the problem with a poor running 450sel this engine had not run up to par for over a year, replaced a couple of clogged injectors, new plugs,cap,rotor,wires and coil. The engine got to the point where it would not start. To make a long story short I bypassed the condenser, the engine immediately fired and runs like a dynamo unbelievable. I hope this helps others with similar performance problems.
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