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I have had this in two 124s, both times they were the Bosch CCU and replacing the unit solved it. It would even start air-conditioning the car when the unit was off!

The Bosch unit has problems, there was a recall at one point.

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I am having the rapid clicking on occasion as Dave suggested. However most of the time my A/C is cutting on and off and I hear a click. When I press the "O" to turn the system off, it clicks off, but when I release it, it turns back on. On occasion it will click several times on its own which makes me think that there is a bad connection in the CCU. The other buttons work on a hit or miss basis but primarily the A/C is simply running all the time except for rare occasions when the "O" position actually holds. Sometimes it will also go from AC to heat randomly.

I think I do have some vacuum pod issues but I can live with that for the time. Any thoughts?

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