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Leon Hernandez
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Thanks for the feedbac on B by B

"FWIW, I had a bad experience with Benz by Blair here in Houston and won't be going back. I too have been to MPH, on Steve's recommendation, and was pleased with Michael's attitude and extensive knowledge about my car. I will certainly go back to him for any repairs I need done, that I can't accomplish."

I don't know when this happened but he has since moved to a different facility (starlane off of Chimney Rock) and is challenged to meet biz expenses, thus leasing floor space to a foreign car dealer. This means service for Porches & Beemer's also. Don't know if this had an impact , but have noticed the quality of service lately. Had pass. mirror replaced and the door was left in a greasy/dirty condition. NO effort to clean it was evident, so I'm watching, this may be the last tech assist I get from him and fight and claw my way up hwy 6 to I-10! But hey still luv the C280!...

Thanks to all for the assist. Yes I saw the pics on the carboned up hole but will take me time to locate it and figure out what needs to be removed to access it. Thanks, Leon
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