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biodiesel refiners

Originally Posted by bigblockchev View Post
There are many companies who will be happy to take your 2-4K$ for a plastic conebottom processor worth less than the 1K$ it takes to build but it is still mostly a manual process requiring interaction from you. Getting to the level of sophistication for pushbutton operation necessary for reliable operation is not cheap. You can do some research on the biodiesel infopop forums about what people(including me) have put together. Some are dirt cheap steel drums or converted water heaters, some are plastic conebottom tanks but I have yet to see anything automatic (other than the biopro) that I would trust to make fuel I am putting in my fuel tank. I prefer to take control of the process manually, with a bit of experience it is quite possible to consistantly produce good fuel, just takes time. The best idea is to do some research for a while to get some ideas before spending money on a ripoff unit. The most difficult part of making bio is actually securing a good continuing source of oil. Crappy oil is not worth working with even if it is free so beware. Cheers Dan
Thanks Dan,

My client has a source of good oil, but I don't think the amount (>150 gallons per month) justifies a $14k purchase.

Are there realistic plans for a "kit?"

Joe Marroso
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