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I would greatly appreciate any help to remedy a stubborn stalling problem on my '87 190E 2.3/8V, 5spd, 115K mi.

1)Stalling while idling perfectly smoothly (without any warning of imminent stall).
2)Stalling during clutch-in coasting, sometimes combined with a fluctuating RPM drop.
3)Absolutely no fouling or misfiring.

Half of the time it restarts and idles normally with no throttle necessary. The other half it will need throttle to restart and some throttle to hold idle (for up to 45 seconds), then will idle fine again.

Frequency and conditions:
1)Intermittant and unpredictable, however, maybe once every 30 stops if I averaged it.
2)Perhaps more frequently before reaching operating temperature (but I'm not certain). Ditto for ambient temps below 55 degrees.

What's been done so far:
1)Plugs, cap, rotor, fuel and air filter (about 10 month before problem started).
2)O2 Sensor, Idle air valve and Electrohydraulic actuator as attempts to
fix the problem.

This is getting expensive, but I'm determined to fix this myself!

Other note: The thermostat may be going as the operating temperature only gets to 80 degrees-C on the dash gauge during the cooler weather. This shouldn't be the problem during warming-up conditions, should it?

A minor SECOND PROBLEM: Is it likely for the output flange nut on my 5spd trans to have loosened, to cause a "creek" noise from the splined flange while torqueing the driveshaft forward/backwards (in gear). The noise appears to eminate ahead of the flex coupling, but [hopefully] not inside trans. The dollar concern is the special deep socket thats needed to torque the nut.

As I said, I'm committed (or should be?).
Thank you.


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