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Leon Hernandez
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Wink why I sold the SD

AH the weakness of bending to the times. Don't have much room in our subdivsion and she needed a few more $$$$ of TLC; kinda like using Micro$oft products..he-he . Did a long term Vs newer model process and we found the C280.

Good learning curve for me. If the Lord EVER let's me come across one of those lil'ol ladies had it in the garage kinda of deals again, he-he gonna have to go for it. The SD just rides soooo well and the quality of the body fit etc. far above the 94 I have. The '94 has visible alignment gaps on the door seam, the sun roof, etc, sigh just not the same. And thaks to this site actually lost the fear of working on a "MB". Once again though the strenght of this site are the many experienced and willing contributors, my hat off to you dudes & dudettes!
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