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Originally Posted by 280EZRider View Post
Actually this isn't a trick at all. I don't know why MB doesn't mention this in the W123 maintenance library, but it's in the W114/115 manual. And the rolling, by just a couple of feet, should be done a few times with both the 46mm nut and center support not tight. Then tighten the nut followed by the center support.

This procedure must be done, followed by the tightenings, with the car on its wheels. If the procedure is not done, the amount of difference is minute and any stress can usually be taken up through the rubber center support - it's quite flexable. Omitting this procedure will not cause any drive-line vibration.
Does the car really have to be on it's wheels and roll back and forth, or I can just take the shortcut by just spinning the wheels a couple of times, clockwise and counter while the car is up on jack stands?
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