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Originally Posted by 85chedeng300D View Post
Does the car really have to be on it's wheels and roll back and forth, or I can just take the shortcut by just spinning the wheels a couple of times, clockwise and counter while the car is up on jack stands?
This is not a recommendation not to do the rolling thing. But, when I did mine a few weeks ago I had the Car on Ramps in the Front and Blocks under the Back Wheels. The Ramps kept me from rooling the Car.

I tightened up the Coupling Nut and did not roll the Car. I figured If any problem showed up I would go back and loosen the Coupling Nut an Roll the Car.

Part of the reason for not rolling the Car was my Wrench is a over 2.5 foot long combination Wrench; no room to tighten or loosen anything while the Car sits on the Wheels and I was in a big hurry to test drive the Car because I had also changed the B2 Piston and wanted to know if that part of the job worked.

So as it turned out I am having no issues with the Driveshaft or vibration and will leave it alone for now.
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