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One of the cool features of these late OBDI systems is that,
with the aid of a $5 homemade led/tool [ archieves], one can get plenty of further diagnostic info from the systems specific modules through the other sockets on the DTC box.
Case in point , using this thread as an example, CE emissions code #7 ignition fault can now be expanded upon by going right to the ignition diagnostic module [ pin #8] and get more specific info... like "Plug mis-fire, cyl # 4" , etc.
Example two-- CE code #6 can be refined by going to the ISC/CC/IA module at pin #14..

Anyone with these systems should def. look into making the tool...these DTC were quite good for the time and have plenty of info that is accessible ....
After these models , one can't do this anymore as the systems are OBII, so feel fortunate and make the tool....
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