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Just started up and watchedammeter (yes, that can be taken multiple ways when left as one word) Outside air about 70F, car sat in sun all day, so probably a little warmer than that. Startup current: 20mA, falling to 13 within 1 minute, and then on towards 9. Throttle blipping DURING WARMUP yielded 10 or more mA gain for a couple seconds, max. Slow rate opening of throttle yielded ever decreasing current, down to less than 6mA at approx 3500rpm, and 2mA at WOT. Something is giving a wrong signal to computer? Computer is ignoring suggestions and doing things as it chooses? Engine ( remember: 152k mi., 145-160psi compr, some blowby, new secondary wires, plugs, cap) blowing raw gas out exhaust?

After warmup, ABSOLUTELY NO "accelerator pump" effect. Did I read that potentiometer is really only active during warmup phase ( Bentley publications: "Bosch Fuel Injection Management" (published 1989, 1991), or is it supposed to be in the loop all the time?

Given these tests and results, it apears the WOT switch is not making its over ride of the rest of the system. Is there something else that could prevent that from happening?

Coil tested to 30k volts min. output, timing about 10deg BTDC ( Snap-on induction clip variable timing light, un- calibrated )

Idle system pressure 80-81 psi ( KD aftermarket gauge, uncalibrated)
Control pressure 75psi, variable with EHA by 1 - 3 psi
Other items mentioned earlier posts
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