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i just changed the overvoltage relay and it didn't change the idle. i noticed the spark plugs being cracked so i didn't get a chance to test the brakes.

also, this rough idle came on suddenly. when i was driving around my local test loop checking out the brakes the idle was fine. when i came to a stop at a light the idle was rough. what could have happened all of a sudden while driving that would make the idle rough?

i hope i didn't mess anything up, but i did adjust the EHA about 1/10th turn clockwise to richen the mixture and provide a little more power. the engine seemed to have a little more torque after i did it and i drove it with no problems for about a week before the idle problem popped up suddenly. i've heard of many people doing this with no problem so i don't think this is the cause but i wanted to mention it.

i mentioned earlier that the ceramic has cracked. i was referring to the ceramic on the outside of the plug where the wire goes, not the ceramic on the cyclinder side. the ceramic on the cylinder side has frosty appearance.

my mechanic said that he couldn't hook his diagnostics computer up to the ABS. don't all the diagnostics for all the systems just come through the one diagnostics harness?

should i even drive the car the 50 miles to my mechanic to have him check it out?

86' 190e 2.3L 16v

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