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"Check Engine Light Stays on"

I have a 1995 Mercedes E320 with 150,000 on it. Recently I have began to have a problem with the "Check Engine Light" comming on and staying on.
I have had the car to several different certificied Mercedes technicians and have
hade the following repairs made at their suggestion to correct the prblem:
Replaced 02 Sensor, Replaced wires to
computer, cleaned vacum hoses. None
of these have resolved the problem. When the tech have connected the car to the dignosis computer to see if there is a code readout to tell what is causing the problem they find no code. I should also stated the car is performing perfectly. The tech have all stated that the car is performing perfectly.

One tech stated that Mercedes had a problem with the "Check Enging linght
in the 1995 E320 Series. Does any one know that this is correct. Can you give me some suggestion to tell the tech hat to look that could be causing the problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks guys
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