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Old 03-02-2000, 04:48 AM
Lee Zook
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I have a 77 450SEL which has developed a vibration + noise since I replaced the transmission rear mount. The noise sounds almost like a bad bearing and you can feel it in the body. It is present when accelerating from 0 to around 35 mph. I have also noticed it (but the noise is much less obvious) when accelerating at highway speeds. It sounds/feels like it is comming from the left suspension area. The steering components are all in good shape (r&r most of that 2 years ago). The engine mounts + shocks were replaced about 2 years ago. The drive shaft center support was recently replaced. The flex disks are about 9 years (30 thousand miles) old. The power steering gear box, transmission and front suspension bushings/bearings are all original. Any ideas on what could be causing this vibration + noise? Any ideas are appreciated. Thaks

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