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Question Thinking of buying a 380SEC....

There it is... my favorite MB coupe in my favorite MB color...Diamond Blue Metallic.
I love blue interior too

I will probably go and take a look at it tomorrow or Friday.

I've thought about these things...

# 1 ! -> The Single-Row Timing Chain... so i open up the oil filler cap, and if the gear has oval holes it has double row .. and if it has round holes then it has single...

2. Rust
3. The power seats work perfectly?
4. All windows and sunroof work?
5. Seatbacks lock? (Do they work on vacuum too like the 123?)
6. All switches work?
7. Transmission shifting? (Do these cars shift better than a 123 - which I think shifts pretty smoothly)
8. Clunks...
9. Leaks..
10. All lights work?

That's all I could think of right now... any more input?

BTW, I searched for 380SEC and all I found was the timing chain issue... heh..

2008 BMW 335i Coupe
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