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Question Ignition coil/bolt question

Ok I've had bad idle problem with my 94 c280. I replaced the plugs and coil ends, after the coil ends I noticed a world of difference.

I noticed that the allen bolts also hold down the ignition coils. I can not for the life of me get them all snug. Along the intake side I can get those three allen bolts snug, but on the other side only one bolt next to the number six cylinder. I tried,( it drove me crazy), and couldn't figure out why they wouldn't thread. They will thread without the cover on, no problem, but when I try to run them through the cover into the coil it just goes round and round.

My question is, how much will it affect the ignition coils if these two bolts aren't snug? Since I only really have (except for cylinder six) one bolt holding down each coil?

Thanks in advance.
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