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Transmission fluid question?

I have a 1991 300E and I used the Topsider to drain about 1 1/2 quart of transmission fluid because it was over the max mark. I bought from transmission fluid called "febi bilstein" (8.20/qt). I have never heard of this company. I put in 1 quart (which bought it to proper level). For several days now I notice that it hesitates in shifting to second gear from first. After that it works fine. This seems to only happen when the car has been sitting overnight or for several hours. Should I just have the entire fluid and filter changed or is it just my imigination that this one quart of fluid is causing the hesitation (or maybe there is nothing wrong). I had planned to add one quart of new fluid every time I changed my regular oil and filter. After searching this forum I saw the list of approved Mercedes transmission fluids and this company was not listed. I made sure the tube of topsider was clean and as a precaution I attached a new teflon tubing at the end before putting into the transmission dipstick hole.
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