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Steering instabliity 124 car

Hi all,

I've got an '87 300D w/ 256Kmi. Driving to Montana and back and the winds across South Dakota, Nebraska, and parts of Montana REALLY blew the car around. In Nebraska, steering was "approximate" holding the wheel hard.

The front control arm bushings, ball joints are <10,000 miles old, rear links are <1 yr old (except subframe bushings and inner contorl arm bushings). Shocks are Bilstein, about 75Kmi on them, one rear shock leaks a bit. Steering linkage replaced about 65Kmi ago, steering damper about 30-40Kmi.

Even back home in TN the car does not seem to handle precisely. Sometimes its better than others. Really flat smooth roads are best.

When on the lift, the subframe mounts are cracked but they do not appear completely collapsed. They are probably original. The rear tires are wearing perfect. Front tires wear well too.

What is the likely culprit?


(I accidentially posted this in Diesel discussion as well, sorry).
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