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Carrameow, two things in your post worry me.

One is that you mention "whaking" the bearing in place. Bearings must be installed in such a manner that no force is transmitted through the race path surfaces and rolling elements. Otherwise you get a brinell condition that leads to early failure. A tech that works with me did that to the bearings on his car.... now he has to do the job all over again - this time using a press!

Secondly, you mention that a lot of grease was packed in. You have to play "goldilocks" when packing grease.... not too much, not too little, but just right. Too much grease interferes with heat transfer and proper movement within the bearing during use. That's why Mercedes specifies the amount of grease by weight during recharging. Most bearing manufacturers have limits (both how much and how little) to the amount of grease that goes into a bearing.

Sbourg brought up a good point where the surfaces can't have any burrs, scars, or deposits on the mounting surfaces. A good surface makes mounting much easier and less traumatic to the bearing.

Don't lose confidence in bearing maintenance.... have respect for it. Bearings are one product that needs to be pretty much perfect in the car.
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