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Gilly asks:

"PS why are you changing your own oil when the car has the free "Maintenance Commitment" plan? Just curious."

I didn't feel comfortable with 14000 mile oil changes for absolutely no technical reason, I admit. I had been doing 5000 mile changes in my C280 which I though adequate with Mobil 1 and wanted to stay somewhere near that number. It looks like I might get three, perhaps four free oil changes (per FSS) before 50000 miles rolls around. But, since this is not a lease car I decided a little extra maintenance would do no harm except to my bank account.

I also changed the cabin air filter at my own expense since it was filthy and I didn't want to wait for the B service. As long as I'm talking about filters, where is the activated charcoal filter and what kind of service will it require and when?

Roger E./Seattle
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