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wheel alignment specs

I have used the search engine, but couldn't get answers to my question.

Today I got the right side tie rod, center link and center shock replaced (1985 190E 2.3 with 135K miles). Went to a wheel alignment place then (Mueller Tire - my mechanic sent me there). Now my steering is off-center (to the left), and the car pulls to the right - it never did this before, and tire wear was always perfectly even.

Here are the before and after specs (for wheel alignment):

Front: Initial Toe left 0.50 deg; right 0.55 deg

Final Toe left 0.10 deg ; right 0.10 deg

Initial Camber left -0.3 deg; right -0.5 deg

Final camber left -1.1 deg; right -0.3 deg

Rear: Initial Toe left -0.1 deg; right 0.35 deg

Final Toe left 0.30 deg; right 0.25 deg

My questions are:

1. Are the final adjustments within specs for this car (he didn't measure, or do anything with Caster).

2. Is the front left camber (-1.1 deg) screwed up so much that it will lead to uneven tire wear.

3. Is the off-center steering (to the left) and the car pulling to the right due to incorrect final settings?

4. My tech is going to change the front driver side ball joint on monday - he said that doesn't disturb wheel alignment. Is that correct.

Thanks a ton for any responses. MBDOC, Stevebfl, etc. must have the specs information, would really appreciate it if they could provide it.
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