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I looked at it and drove it around the parking lot (the guy said it was too late for a test drive...).

The windows work but they got stuck at the top(probably didn't get used in ages). However they worked great after that.
The sunroof worked great
The driver's side seat wouldn't move forward/back not up/down..
Rust...faded paint
A/C barely worked (the pushbutton unit looked like the culprit and wasn't cold either even though the compressor did work)

engine was oily, dirty, brake fluid dark, etc.
some weatherstrips falling off

The steering was really tight though and so were the brakes. The Transmission shifted into gear nicely. However if I put it into R straight from D, it would get into gear really really hard.

The car was big and so soft over bumps... the rear kinda bounced..(not good news I'd think).

The V-8 was powerful, smooth, and started right up!
maybe because I am used to a diesel heheh...

I think I'll pass this time...
on the way back I saw a pristine, perfect, perfect, black/black 560SEC! Now I want an SEC so bad!
2008 BMW 335i Coupe
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