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What's a cassette? Is that something like an 8 track??

245F?? Man that'll boil yur beer!! I keep an AC thermometer in my center vent and I've see it as high as 130F when the car has been sitting in the sun!!

I can see why Boostaholic would want to increase his fan time. Currently my fan system works when the coolant temp gets to 105c but does not function from the freon temperature switch on the dryer. As a result, my AC works fine at highway speeds (40F at the vent) but will go to 80F when stopped at idle.
There are aftermarket fans out there for one fourth the price of the OEM that do the same thing, move air. So, you can burn up your OEM fan then replace it or you can do like me.....wish for the Fablulous Fall!! I can hardly wait for those days when I can turn the economy heat to minimum and open that sunroof!!
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