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This is getting confusing. You said:

< Oh, but wait, you didn't change the oil prior to the sensor being replaced, or did you? Hmmmmm.
ps: Just to clarify, the technician, when performing the FSS maintenance, should determine if the car needs an A or B service. On your car, it's as easy as seeing if one wrench or the double wrench is being displayed. Whatever the FSS is calling for, that's the service which should be performed.>>

The sensor was replaced at about 4000 mi when the car was in for some repair or other. The work order said the sensor was inaccurate (error code? Who knows?) The oil was changed at that time and I don't think the FSS was reset. I changed the oil again at 7200 at home because the filter had not been changed at 4K and I wanted to start over. I the reset the FSS myself, a mistake in retrospect. It's now indicating a double wrench B service in 2400 miles which will be about 14000 miles.

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