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The dealer has the capabilty to correct the resetting that was done in error. I would honestly explain the situation to them and hopefully they will get you back on the right track with the services. If they did it all right, they will do the service and you'll get the car back showing 2 wrenches symbol and 10,000 miles showing on the FSS screen. Hopefully the tech will be on top of things on this system and do it correctly to show this.
IMHO, if you want to do the extra oil changes, that's fine, but leave the FSS indicator to be reset when an actual A or B service is performed, not when just an oil change is done. I'd also like to state that I see no problem with your choice of oil grade. I would be OK with most any Mobil1 oil being used as long as the temps coincide with the viscosity being used.
I am unsure right now, looking back through the posts I can't see what the actual mileage is on the car. If you are over 10,000 I would call the dealer and explain the "accidental" reset that was done and ask if they'll schedule the first A service.

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