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Well there is 2 places I look for status on my oil, the oil pressure guage and this oil light. The light is in my dash with all the other status lights (battery, brakes, etc). It has a symbol of a oil cannister with a drop of oil coming out of it.

When this lights up it is always almost exactly a quart low, I do check the dipstick every time. The car does use more oil up if I run it on the highway, suppose its just more rpm's.

Anyway if Larry or anyone else can comment on this oil light. I assumed it was oil level since it is consistent with one quart low, but am I wrong? Would MB put in an oil pressure guage and a low pressure light? And if the light was indicating low pressure than why would my oil pressure guage be indicating excellent compression?

OK Larry now you got me a little worried, let me know what you find out.

BTW I usually bring it to jiffy lube or some-such, I watch as they change oil and filter. Any contraindications to this? I use 15W/40 BTW.

1987 300E
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