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Question Super Mechanics ONLY..Power steering noise

Subject: Super Mechanics ONLY!! Power steering problem.

In advance, I want to thank you for reading this post or putting the post in
the proper area to get some response from the best techs in the business. I
am a MB repair shop in Western Suburb of Chicago. I have talked to all the
techs I can find and am tired of throwing parts at this car....

I have a 93 MB 400SEL with a high pitched squeel coming from the steeering
gear box only on left turns. It does not need to be at the lock, only in
process of going from wheels right to wheels left. This is the kicker!
car has had a new gear box replaced at the recommendation of TWO MB dealers.
Then we replaced the pump. Then the pressure hose. Then another steering
box (MB Reman). After all the flushing and replacement of the pump and two
additional boxes and pressure lines and serp belt and tensioner replaced,
noise remains the same. High pitched sound while under pressure on left
turn. Noise doesn't seem to change with RPM. Doesn't change with
temperature. Doesn't sound like a vacuum leak because it doesn't change
while reving the engine. Noise seems to come out of the box while listening
with a stethoscope and sounds like a hydraulic high pressure squeel. Any
ideas from you super specialists. If I can shed any more light on this
problem I would be glad to talk if you want to call at 630-231-4444 Dwayne.
Thanks Much!!
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