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There may be a few models in which there is some oil left in the pan when the plug is pulled out, but think about it! The plug is at the lowest point of the pan. Liquid goes "downhill."

Excepting for a few of the all aluminum pans that may have a gusset cast into them or something, there is no possible way that sucking it out through a tube will get more than draining out through the drain plug.

I want as much oil to drain out as I can get. That's why I pull the plug, preferably when it's hot and preferably let it drain overnight.

There are all sorts of ways to justify that sucking the oil through the dipstick tube is the thing to do, but if you think you will get MORE oil out that way, you are fooling yourself.

If you want to use a topsider I recommend that you change oil more often to make up for it.

My $0.02,
Change oil hot and change oil often,
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