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not the rheostat

1. Finally got this done and no it wasnít the rheostat.

2. I had ordered a new rheostat to replace but it didnít work.

3. Did the soldiering thing on all the joints still no luck.

4. Troubleshoot to the circuit card seams like an open on it, I removed the whole assembly of the fuel, temperature, oil pressure and economy off the card. Not to hard of a job just need to take your time. What Iíve found out underneath was something Iíve never seen before in my electronic world experience but the path was broken also lifted from the board like a broken bridge, wished I had a picture. I think this was the "weakest link" that you have talked about. From here I just pile some solder on top and link them back, now it was good to go!

5. Lessens learned: troubleshoot to the last point before the suspected component in this case I should remove the rheostat and jump the two points to see if I get dash lights if not then go from there.

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