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Now what?

Gilly posts, pissed off I guess.

"You obviously believe that the only maintenance required on the car is an oil change. YES in that case you are A-OK, Motor On pal. "

How did you ever come to that conclusion? My cars are if anything overmaintained. What exactly do you expect me to do? The dealer has refused to do an early B service. And, I doubt that the engine air filter, the brake pads or any other normal wear item needs attention at 11500 miles. If they did I'd do it even if the dealer blows me off. My car has been in a t least five times to try to correct the built-in design defects with limited success. Don't ask about the cold air leaks through the rattling front doors or the failures of the programmable features to remember anything for more than a week or the damned keys.

The shop foreman at Phil Smart Mercedes in Seattle told me that I am their most knowledgeable customer. What I don't need is someone to count the wheels and refill my washer tank.

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