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Should I bite the bullet and install a new M104 wiring harness

Hi all,

Been reading all about the M104 wiring harness problem. Went to the dealer to try and get a goodwill fix before it fails and takes out a lot of other components. No luck as they said they would only look at it if the car was exhibiting signs of failure. My concern is that even if they do goodwill on this if there are other things that have failed that it will cost me as much as if I just replaced now at my own cost.

Am thinking of doing this myself and looked up the procedure on the CD rom. The procedure number is 01-0310 and it provides the replacement steps for models 202 and 210 but not the 124 which is what I have.

Has anybody done their own replacement on the 124? It looks like a rather easy DIY job based on the instructions for the 202 and 210 but would like confirmation from someone who had done it on a 124.

Any help would be appreciated. I am at the point where I will be checking harness cost and making a decision in the near future.

BTW, the car is a 95 E320 with 67K miles and exhibits no signs of a wiring harness problem now. Also, where would be the best place to peel back some outer covering and check the insulation?


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