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Sorry to disagree with several icons of MercedesShop.

The "professional" oil extractors do a better job on most modern MB engines that pulling the plug. Using the 112 engine as the best example, on that particular engine, when using the extraction equipment, with the adapter that plugs into just the top of the engine dipstick tube, you can extract the oil, pull the drain plug after that, and not a single drop comes out. To me, that is better, especially in a shop environment, than simply pulling the plug itself.
I say "professional", ie RAASM or Tecalemite (sic?), because I have no idea if a Topsider (DIY grade) evacuator will give these results, or if using a suction probe (to the bottom of the pan) is as efficient as what MB has set up for us.
In an operational sense, I can see the argument of "why not just pull the plug?". Believe me, I was very skeptical too until I started using the extractor and then pulling the plug to see the results. Excellent results and YES much faster.
There are 2 examples I can think of where the extractor is much better to use due to the chassis design. First is the ML class, where the flow of oil is disrupted by chassis components and MB specifically forbids us from pulling the drain plug, as the oil can and will degrade rubber mounting components. Another is the 104 engine in a 210 chassis (1996&97), where the oil flow will run into the front bumper apron, MB didn't have anything to say about that problem though.


"Change oil hot, change oil when FSS tells you to"
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