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Possible good news?

I checked the wires in several locations such as the intake cam advance connection, temp sensor, etc. These were locations where the outer covering does not quite reach the connector and the inner wires can be seen. In all cases the wires looked good so I gently abraded the insulation with my fingernail checking for cracking or disintegration and each one remained intact. This car was purchased late in 1995 as the 96s were already on the showroom floor and maybe this has an upgraded harness. Since it looks OK now probably won't do anything near term.

Also, when I changed oil the other day I did an inspection from under the car of the right rear head/ block interface and found no evidence of gasket leakage so perhaps this also has an upgraded head gasket. So far, this car exhibits no signs of the dreaded harness or head gasket problems.

Am planning on calling my old dealer in NY with the VIN and seeing if they can verify this car has upgraded parts.

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