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94 - S350 Starting Problem

My S350 seems to have a gremlin in the ignition system. At intermittent times, when the key is turned to start, the dash lights display dimmly and the car will not start. After retrying to start there is about a 50% chance it will start properly and a 50% chance it will not. When it doesnt start on the second time, I have noticed that if I place the transmissionshifter into drive then back in park, the car will start properly.

I am not sure if the problem resides in an ignition switch or some sort of relay related to a safey switch on the transmission or another gremlin that I have not discovered yet.

Do you know what causes this condition and how to repair it?


94 S350
92 300SD / (500SD)
87 E300D
84 300D
79 450SEL
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